About Me

I'm Jie Cai (蔡杰). I am an Assistant Research Professor at College of IST, Penn State University and co-lead the Collaboration and Innovation Lab with John M. Carroll. I received my Ph.D. in the Ying Wu College of Computing at New Jersey Institute of Technology. I was supervised by Dr. Yvette Wohn and also worked at the Social X Lab. My researh was generously supported by two NFS projects about content moderation on social media: (1) Handling Online Risks and Creating Safe Spaces: Content Moderation in Live Streaming Micro Communities; (2) Augmenting Social Media Content Moderation.

My research areas are in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW). My research topics sit at the intersection of interactive media, accessibility, marginalization, and platform governance in HCI, encompassing exploration of both the positive and negative dimensions of user experiences online with mixed methods (e.g., observation, interview, survey, participatory design): (1) I explore users' immersive interactions in novel online spaces. (2) I focus on harassment (e.g., racism and sexism) and content moderation in interactive social spaces.
My research has been published in premier HCI venues, such as CHI (an Honorable Mention Award) and CSCW. As a researcher, I actively engage in the HCI communities with leadership roles: organizing committee (ACM CSCW 2024 publication co-chair, ACM CHI 2022 Assistant to Technical Program Chairs, ACM IMX 2021 proceedings co-chair), program committee (ACs at CSCW, CHI, CHI PLAY), and workshop organizer (CHI 2023, 2024). I was invited to give talks in the industry (Twitch) and was interviewed by the Center for Democracy and Technology to broaden my research impact.

I am now actively looking for academia opportunities starting from July 1st in 2024.

News & Travels

Our paper about Third-party developers received an Honorable Mention Award at CHI 2024.
Our paper "Identity Work of the Blind Community on TikTok: Flourishing States and Flourishing Labor" was accepted with minor revision at CSCW 2024.
I was interviewed by a journalist from Columbia University to share my work about moderation on Twitch.
We are interviewed by Center for Democracy and Technology to share our research about blind user's moderation expeirence.
We are interviewed by MIT Tech Review China to share our research about generative AI on YouTube.
Two short papers (GenAI and Moderation Fairness and Justice) were accepted at CHI LBW 2024.
Our paper "'People are way too obsessed with rank': Trust System in Social Virtual Reality" was accepted at Journal of CSCW.
Two papers (third-party tool development, accessibility, and content moderation) were accepted at CHI 2024.
Our workshop "Generative AI in User-Generated Content" was accepted at CHI 2024.
I am invited by Twitch community health team to give a virtual talk to share my moderation research in live streaming communites.
I will join the program committee and serve as an AC for the "Understanding People" subcommittee CHI 2024.
I am excited to join the Origanizing Committee and serve the Proceedings/Publication Co-Chairs for the CSCW 2024.
I will serve an AC for the CSCW 2023 poster track.
My paper about "Hate Raids on Twitch: Understanding Real-Time Human-Bot Coordinated Attacks in Live Streaming Communities" was accpeted at CSCW 2023.
My CHI2023 paper about conflict and conflict managment in live streaming won a Honorable Mention Award.
Our work "Ignoring As a Moderation Strategy for Volunteer Moderators on Twitch" was accepted at CHI LBW 2023.
I will work as an AC for the full paper track at CHI PLAY 2023
My paper "Understanding Moderators’ Conflict and Conflict Management Strategies with Streamers in Live Streaming Communities" was accepted at CHI 2023.
Our Workshop "Building Credibility, Trust, and Safety on Video-Sharing Platforms" was accepted at CHI 2023.
I will serve an AC for the CHI 2023 Late-Breaking Work.
More Archived Content 2022-6
I will serve an AC for the CSCW 2022 poster track.
I won the "Excellence in Teaching by a Teaching Assistant" Award this year at Ying Wu College of Computing.
I will work as an Assistant of Technical Program Chairs for CHI 2023.
Our paper entitled "“Distress and Disempowerment: How Organizational Factors Limit Commercial Content Moderators’ Agency" was accepted at #SMSociety 2022
I successfully defend my dissertation and become Dr. Cai.
I will be a student volunteer (SV) at IUI2022.
Excited. My paper "Coordination and Collaboration: How do Volunteer Moderators Work as a Team in Live Streaming Communities?" was accepted at CHI 2022 .
Our Paper "Awe Versus Aww: The Effectiveness of Two Kinds of Positive Emotional Stimulation on Stress Reduction for Online Content Moderators." is accepted by at CSCW 2022.
I will work with Dr. Julie Anics as a TA for the course: HRM 601: Organizational Behavior.
More 2021-11
My paper "Coordination and Collaboration: How do Volunteer Moderators Work as a Team in Live Streaming Communities?" came with the decision "R&R" (13.5% ) at CHI 2022 . Hopefully it will get accepted.
I will teach "IS448 Usability & Measuring User Experience" Again.
Our short paper "Conceptualizing Visual Analytic Interventions for Content Moderation" is accepted by IEEE VIS 2021.
My paper "After Violation But Before Sanction: Understanding Volunteer Moderators' Profiling Processes Toward Violators in Live Streaming Communities" is accepted with minor revision by CSCW 2021.
My paper "Choice of Social Music Systems in China: A Study of NetEase Cloud Music " is accepted as late break work by MobileHCI 2021.
My paper "Teleworker's Perception of Technology Use for Collaborative and Social During the COVID-19 Pandemic" is accepted by British HCI Conference 2021.
I will attend 2021 CSST Summer Research Institute from 12–14 July (Online).
I have one poster about rules in live streaming communities accepted at IMX2021 (Virtual).
I will also join the DC to discuss my dissertation topic about "Understanding the Voluntary Moderation Practices in Live Streaming Communities".
I have two papers about moderation and harassment in live streaming communities accepted at IMX2021 (Virtual).
I will be a proceedings chair at IMX2021 (Virtual).

I will be a Student Volunteer at CSCW 2020 (Virtually).